G35: Rangers lose to Indians, 9-5

Getting a bit tiring writing about games with short outings, and crappy pitching performances. I guess I could say that Esteban Yan didn’t give up 20 more runs after he came into the game, I guess that’s something.
My wife & I were watching from home, and she told me that she really did not want Raffy to get #500 on Friday night because I have tickets for Saturday & Sunday – she said if Raffy got it on a day I wasn’t there (I was there on Thu and saw #499), that I’d be moping around about it. She’s probably right. :)
I actually stopped watching the game once we got behind a lot, and just skipped forward on the TiVo to Raffy’s at bats. Hopefully he gets it today (Sat) or tomorrow. I’d like to be there for one of these things for a change. When Raffy got #400, I had tickets for Fri & Sun. He hit it Saturday. When Lynn & I were in Baltimore, we missed Cal Ripken’s 400th HR – he went foul by about 2 or 3 feet. :(