G30: Rangers win by same score as yesterday’s loss; 6-5

I didn’t get to see this game, and I could only barely pay attention, as I was at the office upgrading the web server’s copy of Linux. Was nice to see a win, although quite frankly, we should have a winning streak of 6 now, the two losses against the Blue Jays & Indians the last couple of days are still annoying.
We had a lot of pitchers in this game (7 in all), with starter Todd Van Poppel (!) going 4 innings, giving up three earned runs. Jay Powell looked pretty good (I got to hear his part of the game), and it was nice that our bullpen didn’t give up anything in the 5 innings they pitched.
Don’t have a whole lot more to say, but it looks like Raffy will get #500 at home, as the Raffy watch stays at 498. My gut feeling is that if he gets 499 tomorrow, he’ll come out of the game.