G8: Rangers lose _again_. This time 13-5

This one was more annoying than the 2-1 loss yesterday. Not for the obvious reason that we lost by giving up 10+ runs. My point is that Ismael Valdes was brilliant the first three innings. Even the two home runs he gave up in the third didn’t feel like a big deal at all, since he was pitching well otherwise. Then the floodgates opened up.
On the positive side, Mark Teixeira finally got his first major league hit (a double), and his first RBI (a single driving in Todd Greene). Juan Gonzalez had another home run, as did Raffy (his 493rd).
I knew this season wouldn’t be that great going in, but damn – it’s annoying to be disenfranchised this early in the season. I wonder how Twins fans dealt with it all those years.