G5: Rangers beat Mariners, 8-4

I went to Opening Day on Friday, and I also went to Opening Night on Saturday. I actually spent most of this game worrying about the weather, especially when I was in the bathroom and heard “Tornado touchdown” over the radio. Anyway, it turned out to be fine other than some heavy winds, and the Rangers got out the big bats. In the early trend of the season, the longball provided just about all the offense in the game. 7 of the 8 were off a home run. We had four of them – two by Juan Gonzalez, the others by Arod, and one by Hank Blalock. All of them were no doubters, too. Probably helped a bit by the wind, but eh? :)
Colby Lewis wasn’t spectacular, but he was serviceable, and this year that will be more than good enough, I think. I enjoyed being at the ballpark again, and I have to say that my pitching fantasies were dashed early on this season, I suspect we’ll still play well, despite that. I do wish we were a bit less dependant on the longball, though – even if chicks dig ’em. :)