G21: Rangers bounce back, beat Red Sox, 6-1

Behind a nice pitching performance by John Thomson, the Rangers bounced back and beat the Red Sox 6-1 on a rainy night in Arlington. Some of the storms in the area affected my recording of the game, because my satellite feed got knocked out for pieces of the game (although I only missed about 10 minutes total) – plus I had one blackout while I was watching the game. Anyway, rain delay in the 7th aside, that’s the end of my rain talk.
Going against a knuckleballer (there’s only two in the AL – Tim Wakefield and Steve Sparks) can either be great or awful. You either score 20 runs or get nothing it seems. We did get off to a start that led me to believe there would be 20 runs, that being the leadoff home run by Ryan Christenson. The big hit was Juan Gonzalez’ two run single with the bases loaded in the 6th to take the lead before the rain delay came. We picked up another run on a bases loaded walk that inning, and then scored a run in each of the two innings after the rain delay as well to take it to 6-1.
As said before, Thomson pitched well, going seven innings and giving up just one run, walking one and striking out three. Now if we can only get Park to do this all the time…