G2: Rangers shut out by Angels, 10-0

Well, I guess the only good thing you could say about this game is that you didn’t get to see the stupid rally monkey. Even only 2 games into 162, these midnight games when we get blown out 10-0 are hard to watch. There goes matching the 72 Dolphins with an unbeaten record. ;)
Chan Ho Park reverted to the form he had before the final three starts and most of last season. There goes the Chad Kreuter theory. I didn’t buy into that, anyway. Just makes me feel even worse about his season, as his ERA is now over TWENTY! :( (CJ Nitkowski’s is over TEN too after just this game).
Offensively, there’s little to talk about, except we left a ton of people (5 in the first two innings) on base in the first two innings. If we had scored any of them, one never knows how much it might have changed the outlook of the game. It was kind of nice to see the setup for Mark Teixeira in his first major league at bat with the bases loaded. I had visions there – as I’m sure most everyone (including Teixeira, too) did. Oh well, I’m sure he’ll do fine in time.