G19: Rangers finally win again, 2-1 against A’s

A nice game – one I wish we’d see more often, although it’s already happened more this season than I thought it would. :)
Great pitching – we only gave up two runs with Colby Lewis getting his third (!) victory of the season already. Our bullpen didn’t give up anything, and Urbina got his seventh save already. Really nice to see.
On the other side, the A’s pitching was also great, only allowing two, but since it was more than the A’s got, we won. We should have had a ton more, as we left something like 15 guys on base all night – should have had at least ten runs. However, Carl Everett’s home run (he’s had about 500 this week it seems) was the difference maker.
Nice to come home on a win, although the next game is Chan Ho Park vs. Pedro Martinez. That doesn’t look good. :(