G13: Rangers shut out Angels, 4-0

I went to this game tonight. Every baseball fan’s dream came true over the weekend. My wife came to me and said “Hey, let’s go to the baseball game on Monday”. We did, took a couple of Dr. Pepper cans for $10 off tickets, and went. Got the best game I’ve seen pitched by a Ranger pitcher in quite awhile. Ismael Valdes was wonderful (contract extension is due guys!). He went 8 innings, and threw a 5 hit shutout. Was really masterful, and is something I wish we could see more often. Put that together with the way John Thompson has pitched the last two times out, and it makes a poor Ranger fan’s heart go all aflutter – I don’t know what to do with good pitching! :)
On the other side of the plate, we got three home runs – two from Carl Everett into the upper deck of the home run porch, and another by Blalock. We lead the majors again in home runs, but still have way too many of our runs from that. It’s fine I suppose if you can keep it up, but if the power goes away, so does our offense. :(
It was also really great to hear Chuck Morgan at the ballpark again. This was my third game of the season, and it’s great having Chuck back. My wife also really loved the Rangers Captain – said he was cute. I also like the mascot, too. Just wish he’d get around the ballpark more.
Anyway, we could use a few more games like this. Even though we’re under 500 and in last place, we’re only two games out of first as of today with the other three teams in our division all tied for first place. :)