G12: Rangers lose to Mariners, 4-3

Darnit. This one annoyed me for two reasons. First, we lost. Second, I missed the end of the game. I record Ranger games on my TiVo, and I pad them with an hour – because that’s normally more than enough, even if they go an inning or two extra. However, 13 inning games are a problem. The game ran out for me in the top of the 13th right as Sasaki came in.
What a waste of a good pitching performance by John Thomson. Thomson is looking pretty good so far this year – so far the most consistent pitcher on the staff, which I thought would be Valdes (who isn’t doing bad himself). Anyway, I hope Thompson can keep this up – if he does this the majority of the season, it’ll be really cool to have someone like that pitch for us. Arod had another home run, as did Todd Greene – who had a great day, even if he had the worst baseball day of his life (referring to his cousin, the former Iraq POW). Anyway, Bret Boone had TWO home runs. One to take the lead which Greene countered, but one in the bottom of the 13th.
Would have liked to have had a win to take the series, but given our track record the last few years, I’ll take playing good, I suppose. :)