ST4: Rangers finally win; clobber Brewers, 14-8

I got to listen to the start of this game, because I left the house early tonight – I went to the Stars/Penguins game, and went out to dinner beforehand.
Anyway, this is the stereotypical Arizona Spring Training game – a ton of runs scored (22 of them – including a score of 7-5 after 3 innings). A few home run balls, and generally very high ERA’s. Chan Ho Park sounded really ineffective, giving up several runs before even getting the first out in the first inning. The reports after the game say that no one was concerned, that they were just “working” on things, but you always hate to see your “ace” give up that many runs at once. Considering how inconsistant he was last season.
We got a few home runs, including a solo shot by Kevin Mench. There was a three run home run by Ruben Sierra late in the game that gave us the lead for good, which was the point I stopped listening. Doug Glanville continues to sound great in spring – batting well, and if I’m not mistaken making no flubs in the field, which is one of his strong points. I always liked Glanville in Philly, so I hope that he picks it back up here.
As a short side note, I was surprised to hear so many former Rangers in Brewers camp. I suppose I shouldn’t be, with Doug Melvin running the show up there, but it still struck me as surprising. :)