ST30: Rangers beat Giants, 10-5

I didn’t realize this game was on the radio, or I would have listened to all of it. I checked the MLB site around 10:45 and saw there was a feed, so I started listening to it. When I started, the game was already 4-4, but I still got to see some of the Juan Gonzalez show. :)
Nice to see a big offensive outburst like this – 6RBI for Juan, but I hope this carries over. These are nice to see, but I want to see ’em when they count.
John Thomson came out of the game iwth an injury, and how it will impact the roster is not yet known. However, other than John, the rest of our pitching was quite good – The team of Powell / Cordero / Urbina / Santos / Garcia combined for 6.1 innings, giving up just one run. As we wind down, I’m a bit concerned about Esteban Yan – he hasn’t seemed to have gotten it together yet. :(