ST3: Rangers lose to Rockies, 9-5

I got a chance to really listen to this game, since my wife was working on Saturday afternoon, and I was home by myself, so I fired up some hot dogs on the grill, grabbed a Coke (in my Rangers mug, of course), and sat down with the radio and a scorecard to listen to the game. Normally I don’t score spring training games, because there’s too many changes to keep track of, but I was testing out a new scorecard I had just picked up from the sporting goods store, and since I only scored the Rangers, it wasn’t that bad. Oh yeah, the game…
Our spring starts out 0-3 with another loss. There’s a joke about only being able to beat a college team, but I won’t go there. From the get-go, our pitching really seemed craptacular today. Never really got it going – in fact, I believe only Colby Lewis pitched good – our only pitcher not to allow anything.
We got down early on a Charles Johnson home run, and we never really clicked after that. Mike Young made some noise with a 3 run home run, but our offense never really got going. Ah well, most of the guys pitching today aren’t going to be with the club come spring anyway, so I’m not really concerned at all. I’m just happy to have a game to listen to after months of football. :)