ST24: Rangers beat Angels, 4-3

Whoa! A spring training game on television. I cannot recall the last time the Rangers had a spring training game on television – it’s got to be around 4 or 5 years or so. It was really nice seeing Tom & Josh on the TV again. Was also nice to get a view of the new facility in Surprise. I suspect that was the purpose of this telecast, since there was a lot of “Come check the place out” Ra-ra-isms. That was OK, but it struck me as an attempt to sell tickets and to get people to visit Surprise. :)
In terms of the game, it was nice to see Chan Ho Park have a nice outing two times in a row. He gave up just one run in five innings, and had 6 K’s during that time. The rest of our pitchers were pretty good too except Cordero who tried to give the game away in the 9th, but still managed to hold onto it.
It was, of course, a big tease – I want the real season to start, and I don’t want to wait till Sunday! Waaaah! :)