ST22: Rangers lose to Royals AGAIN, 9-5

Our misery against the Royals continues. While this game was on during the evening, I forgot about it until the game was mostly over, and we only scored a single run during the time I was listening to the game. Once again, I need to point out that I have a hard time paying attention to the game when it’s not our guys doing the announcing. I’m hoping that the Rangers TV (!) game that is on the schedule for this coming Saturday has our guys doing the announcing.
Our pitching again was distressing, with Powell, Benoit, & Mahay giving up too much for the time they were in the game. The rest of the guys didn’t give up much, but the feeling is still (to me, anyway) that we’re giving up too much. I don’t have a lot of confidence going into the season here.
On the other side, I see we jacked a few home runs from two that are going to be on the opening day roster (I think) – Blalock & Sierra. I just hope we can keep the runs coming, although we’ll have to not give up NINE at the same time.