ST15: Rangers club Brewers, 12-8

Holy crap – we’re over .500! How long has it been since we were that way – a couple of years now? :)
Anyway, it was nice to see one of the kids (Teixeira) lead us to a victory, especially with the troubling reports out of Texas this morning that Arod is going to stay in Texas logner than expected for medical treatments. Tex had two home runs, one from each side of the plate. Couldn’t see it, couldn’t hear it – but it was nice to see in the game reports online.
Our pitching was pretty good today, despite the 8 runs. 6 of the 8 were by Jay Powell, who got absolutely scorched, giving up 6ER in less than an inning of work. The other two were unearned, so overall, I’d say our pitching was pretty good, despite all the runs given up.
Glanville was 2 for 5, and is really making a push to be the leadoff hitter. Assuming, and I say assuming he can keep it up, it will be good for us. As of right now, he’s batting .333 with an OBP of.. well, I can’t find that on the Rangers site, but his slugging is .452. Have to imagine that his OBP is where we want a leadoff guy to be at.
I like Carl Everett, but it’s not without reason I nicknamed him “slow ass” last season. Hopefully Glanville gets to play center.