STx: Rangers beat Texas Longhorns team, 17-1

Well, the annual spring training tradition of not being able to hear games starts early. Day #1 was a double header, and we didn’t get to hear the second game against the UT Longhorns. I actually would have liked to have heard this game instead of the one against the Royals, and not because of the fact that we lost Game #1. I just felt this game was more interesting.
I didn’t see much on this game, except for the line score – scoring 10 runs over the last two innings. However, the clip that most everyone probably saw was Arod’s at bats. First was his strikeout (which I’m sure the UT pitcher will forever remember), and the massive home run he hit which casued a few fans out in center to go RUNNING after the ball. A 500 footer – I don’t think he’s done anything like that in Texas, but this IS Arizona spring training, after all. :) Makes me wonder what Arod would do if he played in Coors Field for 81 games!
Can’t say much about this game since I don’t have any first hand listening or viewing of it to draw from.
NOTE: This game did not count in the standings.