ST2: Rangers lose to Royals again, 4-2

Our problems with the KC Royals continue into this season. We were beaten quite well during the 2002 season by them, and the trend continues. Of the three games we’ve played so far, we’ve lost both of them. While it’s too early to get really concerned, it’s never a good trend.
Again, I didn’t get to listen to this game, but not because I didn’t want to try – I was sent out of the office on an assignment during the time the game was on, and didn’t get to listen – the Royals feed was being carried on I got back in time to hear the ninth inning, when we made it interesting in the bottom of the 9th, loaded the bases with 1 out and behind by two, but two straight strikeouts ended that. In looking at the box score, it appears the CoCo & Rob Bell didn’t have great outings, and everyone else who pitched (Valdes, Drese, Shouse, & RA Dickey didn’t give up any runs. Was nice to see a Ranger home run, although it came from a non surprising power source – Doug Glanville. I like Glanville from his days in Philly, I hope he sticks on here.
Tomorrow’s game is on the radio, so I’ll be listening to that. :)