ST1: Rangers lose spring opener to Royals, 6-3

Ranger baseball is on the air!
Today was the first Ranger baseball game of the year – in a few ways, because weather wrecked the intrasquad games meant for earlier this week. Unfortunately again, the first game was a day game, and day games are problem for me because I have to listen at work, and I can rarely pay attention to the games. This one was no exception. Was really nice to hear Eric & Vince again, but I didn’t get to pay much attention. I listened from the top of the second to the point where the game was tied 2-2 (bottom of the fourth), then had an emergency at work, and didn’t get to hear anything else except the end of game when we lost.
Still, I’m looking forward to a great season, and overall I didn’t think we played that bad. The home run given up by us was by a pitcher I’d be shocked if we still have on the major league roster, so I’m not too worried about that.