G162: Pudge’s Ranger finale ends with 8-7 loss

This game definitely seemed like the Pudge show. I figured the fans would give Pudge some love here, and they did. Pudge got a standing ovation when he came to bat for the first time. He tipped his helmet to everyone, and then got to business. The fans gave him a standing ovation every time he came up. Surprised me, but was nice to see. Pudge actually wasn’t having a great game, as he tossed a ball into center on a steal attempt, and a ball got by him. However, he “redeemed” himself at the end of the game with a home run in his penultimate at bat of the game, and then a double, which was almost a second home run to right center. He got thunderous applause after the home run, and Kevin Mench would not get into the batter’s box after him until he came out for a curtain call, which he did. In his final at bat, after the double, he stood at second base to another round of applause, and he got yet anothere standing O when he was taken out of the game for a pinch runner. Major Pudge love-fest going on at the Ballpark this day.
We were behind early (no shock there), especially after a Tejada grand slam. We were down 8-1 after 6.5 innings, and we put up a couple of runs in the 7th, one in the 8th, and then it got really interesting in the bottom of the ninth. We scored 3 runs to make it 8-7, and actually Todd Greene, who ran for Pudge, came up to bat. Had Pudge stayed in the game, he might have had a chance to hit a home run and win the game. It didn’t happen, but I don’t think it lessened anyone’s feelings for what happened today. Great game.
The one thing that concerned me was that the scoreboard said “Thanks Pudge” after his home run. It probably means nothing. It’s probably just one of the scoreboard folks putting some text up there. But still – the fact that the Rangers own scoreboard said Thanks Pudge was kind of an eerie omen!
Oh yeah – hi to the woman who came over and said hi to me at the game. She said she reads my site regularly, and I’m sorry I forgot your name, but it was nice to say hi to someone who reads the site! :)
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