G161: Rangers lose big to A’s, 10-8

There were two games left in the season, so I decided to go to both of them. I already had tickets for Sunday’s game, but Saturday’s game I went and took a new digital camera and retook all the pics for my seat selector, and I’ll be putting them online this offseason.
Anyway, this was one of those games that was typical of the Rangers season. Crappy bullpen pitching, giving up more runs than the several we scored ourselves. We got out to a big lead early, but couldn’t hold it. We scored 7 in the first two innings, and then didn’t get any more until one late, but by that point, our pitching had let the game get away. :(
Miguel Tejada hit two home runs – to exactly the same spot in left field. In fact, the same guy got both balls – that was kind of cool! I did like being at the game, even though we lost. Kind of sad, as it was the last night game of the season. I’m going back again tomorrow for the finale, but this was an odd feeling, even though I have one more. Kind of the impending “Aaah – no more baseball games to go to” feeling I always have at the end of September.