G153: Rangers beat Mariners, 12-7

Our last game of the year against Seattle ended in a win – our 70th of the year. Unfortunately, it happened to come at Game 153 of the season, which means we’ve lost 83! Eek! It was pretty funny that the pregame show showed Lou Piniella’s blowup two or three times, and the game intro did as well. Still got a lot of mileage out of that. :)
While it was nice that we busted out the big bats in support of Ben Kozlowski – who pitched pretty decently considering the situation. (Raffy Grand Slam, and Arod 3 run home run), we let it get away again after Kozlowski got out of the inning. Jamey Newberg reported today that Pudge was looking sloppy, and I have to agree. If that’s the kind of catching we’ll get if we give him a new contract, then hey, let’s jack up Todd Greene to #1, and have Haselman as his backup. We busted out for 5 runs in the top of 10th, in our fourth straight extra inning game against the Mariners. Nice to see that.
I was astonished to see the total number of walks by both teams in these four games – SIXTY EIGHT!
I was a bit concerned about the goings on in Kansas City, though. Those two mental zeroes that attacked the Royals’ coach should be prosecuted fairly heavily. Also, did you get a look at these idiots? Neither of them looked like they had enough brain cells to even comprehend baseball. Do a Google Image search for ‘William Ligue Gamboa’ – you’ll see what I’m talking about.
Additional game commentary is available here.