G151: Rangers drop 5th in a row; 3-2 to M’s

You know, when a game is played close, and you lose late, you’re supposed to say “I don’t mind losing that because it was a good game”. I’ve gotten tired of saying that over the last three years. I want to win again. I’m sure the Rangers do too, but as a fan, hey, all I can do is bitch about it, right? I can’t actually make decisions that impact the games, right? :)
Anyway, Chan Ho Park looked good, even though he walked 8 batters, it didn’t seem to impact him too much. Park has done a complete turn around lately, and he seems to be the pitcher we had signed, not that guy wearing #61 for the first half of the season. This is good, as I hope he can carry this over into next season. It does show he doesn’t come back well from an injury, though.
Arod looks beat out there, I think he needs a day off. Also, I still don’t like Rich Rodriguez.
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