G146: Rangers sweep M’s with 7-3 win

Listened to this game at work, and as such, I didn’t get much listening done. I rarely do when at work.
Was really nice to see a win, and a sweep of the Mariners, who really got hurt by losing all four in Texas. It also brings us that much closer to actually getting to .500 before the end of the season. It’s not out of the question, but is definitely a tough project with so few games left in the season. It’s the first time we’ve swept Seattle in a four game series since around 1992, I think, and the first time at home since 1986. We’re also 30-30 since the All-Star Break. 19-9 Since August 4th, and 5 games above 500 at home. w00t! :)
Additional game commentary is available here.