G144: Rangers win close one over M’s, 3-2

Well, I was at this game, and for a game that featured only 13 hits and 5 runs, it ran awfully long. I know the box score said 2:59, but it seemed to be awfully slow and boring, even for a game that (barely) had a time under three hours. Anyway, it was still nice to see some good pitching. Kenny pitched well, although he wasn’t sharp, throwing about 110 pitches or so in 6 innings. Kenny’s only mistake was a throwing error, which allowed his only run to score. Rudy Seanez was NOT good – his line doesn’t look THAT bad, but sitting at the Ballpark, he looked really “eh”. My least favorite Ranger, Rich Rodriguez came on, and threw two pitches to get out of the Seanez inning, and Cordero was absolutely lights out, striking out the side in the 9th for the save.
Was a nice night at the ballpark, saw a good win, and there was less than 20,000 there – well, announced, anyway. We broke our home run streak of 27 consecutive games, as we didn’t have any tonight. There was a short video tribute to the home run streak before the game, which was nice to see.
Also, what’s with the HORRIBLE music at the Ballpark anymore? They are playing music before the game that is just a) not baseball music and b) just atrocious anyway. We really need Chuck Morgan back. Give him a massive pay raise, and fire the three people they replaced Chuck with. YEESH!
Additional game commentary is available here.