G143: Rangers beat Mariners, 12-7

I only saw a few minutes of this game, as I was watching Monday Night Football (damn Steelers lost – Grrrr). Anyway, the only bit I saw was when I flipped to the game in the bottom of the 6th, and Arod was at bat. Decided to stick around to watch him bat, and given that I only saw about 3 minutes of the game, I watched the right 3 minutes – got to see a great home run by Arod. Then I see by the box scores that he hit another, as well as Raffy hitting #40.
Also saw where Arod & Raffy are the first two players ever to hit 50 & 40 home runs two years in a row. No one else has ever done that. Nice job, guys!
I think that might be it for Aaron Myette. Probably pitched himself out of a job.
Additional game commentary is available here.