G139: Rangers win big 11-2 over Baltimore

Arod’s the only Ranger player ever to have 50 home runs, and he’s done it the two years he’s been a Ranger. He’s also played in every game the Rangers have played since he signed up. Again, don’t know if anyone’s worth a quarter of a billion dollars, but there’s no denying how good he’s been for this team. When he hit his second home run, my wife and I were watching the game while eating dinner, and I almost spewed my food when I said “Holy Crap” when he hit the second one. Off the bat, it looked like it was headed to the upper deck. Didn’t get there, but was still very impressive. It’s not unrealistic to think he might get 60 – as there are 23 games left; he needs 10. His two weren’t the only home runs of the night, we also had jacks from Carl Everett, Todd Hollandsworth, & Mike Young (all in the 5th). The Orioles never really made any noise this game, this was ours from the start.
Our pitching was pretty decent, too. Kenny went 7 innings, giving up the two runs, and Kolb & Cordero pitched an inning of hitless, scoreless baseball each. Cordero also had two strikeouts, and has looked very impressive this year. With Zimmerman out till middle of next year (and there’s a possibility he may NEVER come back), this is a good time for Cordero to finally figure it out.
We go on to Tampa Bay tomorrow. Hopefully, we can exact some revenge for that horrible series in Arlington a week ago when we got swept by the Rays.