G138: Rangers lose to Orioles, 8-3

Well, as good as the previous game was, this one was equally flat and blah. Aaron Myette, making two starts in two games, due to his only throwing two pitches in the last one didn’t go that great again. He seems the weakest link in our young pitchers (although Doug Davis fell pretty good, too). The TV guys keep saying he’s got great, above average stuff, but I can’t say I’ve seen it. I wonder if he’ll be here next year. If not, he’ll probably figure it out somewhere else.
On the positive side, our home run streak reached a new record – 22 games in a row, with a Pudge blast into the Rangers bullpen 425 feet to left center. That’s about it good, except for a Todd Greene solo HR late in the game.
Additional game commentary is available here.