G122: Rangers sweep Jays; win 10-7

It’s Arod again – hitting two more home runs, rocketing past Sammy Sosa for the ML lead with 44 now. That’s 6 home runs over the last 3 games – with 1 on Friday, 3 on Saturday, and 2 on Sunday. In fact, he almost had three Sunday too – putting one just short of the right field fence during the game.
Aaron Myette was really wild this game. He got the win, but walked 7 in 5 innings, and threw 116 pitches through 5 innings as well – quite frankly, he didn’t deserve the win, I felt. The game was pretty much in hand until late when we almost blew it in the 9th, giving away four runs, and requiring Cordero to come in and save the bacon.
We also had a home run by Raffy, and Carl Everett had a good night with three hits. Our offense is clicking very well – it’s too bad it happened this late in the season.
It was also nice to be at the park to see the ML debut of Jason Hart, who walked. Not an eventful debut, but at least it wasn’t an out! And he technically doesn’t have any at bats, either.
Additional game commentary here.