G110: Rangers bounce back; beat Red Sox 8-6

A big back and forth game, and a nice finish by Texas to win the game 8-6. We tried to give it away, but a surprising bunt by Carl Everett sparked the final push to win the game.
Some of the highlights were another home run by Arod, his 37th of the year, leading all of MLB. Kevin Mench’s 3 run home run late to give us a lead (and prompting some nice emotion from Kevin on the basepaths). Carl Everett’s aforementioned bunt.
Todd Hollandsworth joined the injury parade as he appeared to pull a hamstring running to first. He’s probably headed towards the DL. Sigh.
Anyway, it was a nice game to watch a comeback. I said I wished we had lost all four games to the Red Sox, as I wanted that to help them against the Yankees, but it’s always nice to see one’s team win. :)