G96: Rangers drop 7th; lose to A’s, 10-0

Well, what more can you say about this one except Cory Lidle? He pitched a masterpiece, giving up just one hit and one walk the whole game. Faced 28 batters total, and was brilliant. His only mistake was the double that Juan hit to lead off the eighth. After the 6th, I was actually rooting for Lidle to pitch a no hitter. Especially after we gave up a 7 spot. Figure, once you’re down like that, you might as well get a no hitter pitched against you.
Hate to lose, but when something like this is pitched against you, doesn’t matter when you give up 1 run of 50. Lidle was the name of this game.
Oh yeah, the retro uniforms were kind of goofy looking. For the first two innings, it didn’t look like the Rangers at all, but I agree with Tom Grieve, it had a very good classic feel to them. Too bad more teams don’t have uniforms like that. I think the Yankees are the only ones left doing that, aren’t they?