G89: Rangers beat Twins, 8-1

Well, I guess we got tired of one run losses (and there’s been a lot of them). In fact, I decided to look up the one run losses so far this season:
Apr: 5 (15 total)
May: 3 (16 total)
Jun: 4 (13 total)
Jul: 2 (4 total so far)
My count appears to be off one somewhere on total losses (I counted 48 and there’s 49), but you get the point. 14 of our 49 losses have been by a single run. If we had those back, we’d have a much different record and be in a way different position. The bulk of those can be summed up as bullpen.
Anyway, this game was pitched well by Kenny Rogers, who will probably be traded, even though I don’t want that to happen. He made a most specactular play on a ball, diving into first base to make a putout. He’s one of the best fielding pitchers I’ve ever seen with my own eyes. Arod had another home run, and Raffy had a few RBI doubles led the way to the 8-1 win. Was nice to get one of these, but given the way we’ve been playing, I doubt it will translate into much beyond today.
Additional game commentary is available here.