G88: Rangers lose to Twins again, 4-3

Oh look. Another Rangers loss. And by the same score as the previous night’s game, too. :(
The most exciting parts of this game for me were the home run by Arod (which is always great to see), and the almost inside the park home run by Pudge. However, Pudge appeared to totally run out of gas around third, and it appeared like he was almost stopped coming into home. Too bad, as once it got by Hunter, I thought Pudge’s ball was a sure inside the park home run.
However, we managed to overcome that disappointment and tied the game up in the ninth. Unfortunately, we blew it again against our usual nemesis, “extra innings”. That Extra Innings guy really has it in for us, and we never can seem to beat him. Methinks the blowup of the team will be happening shortly.
Additional game commentary is available here.