G83: Rangers sweep Tampa behind 11-8 slugfest

My wife and I have been at the last 4 or 5 July 4th games in a row. This year we decided to stay home. Should have gone, it was a great game. Anyway, as my wife & I just hung around the house for the evening doing things like drinking beer, sitting on the patio watching the world go by, etc.. I didn’t start watching the game until it was over (on my TiVo). Anyway, after the top of the first, I was disgusted. Down 6-0 before we even batted. Needless to say, I skimmed through the game, not actually watching the Devil Rays bat at all. Just watched the Rangers bat – and also skipped the stuff between pitches, too. Watched the game in about 45 minutes that way. :)
This was the longball night, with a total of 5 home runs for the Rangers (total of 7 if you count the two by Tampa). We had home runs by Kevin Mench, Todd Greene, Arod, Pudge, & Raffy – with Raffy’s winning the game in the bottom of the 8th. I suppose I would have been more into this if we were there. But the best part I think was Rob Bell settling down and not giving up anything after the horrid 6 run first inning. Quite surprised to see him out there in the second, but nice to see that he stepped up and carried the team from that point.
Three in a row, and while it’s just Tampa Bay is nice to see. Unfortunately, we can’t gain any ground on Seattle. :(
Additional game commentary is available here.