G107: Rangers bomb the bombers; beat Yanks 17-2

Man, did I pick the wrong game to go to in the Yankees series. Two of my bosses at work, who are admittedly casual baseball fans, and would much rather watch the Cowboys were at a luxury box for this game. Grrrr….. :(
Anyway, this explosion was really nice to see anytime, but was ESPECIALLY sweet against the Yankees. I really wish I could have been there, but I did watch the entire thing on TV, including the funny bit where the TV guys made fun of Josh Lewin, calling him the “Yammering Announcer”. :)
The game was in hand early with a 6 spot in the second inning with 6 doubles and a home run leading the charge. The 6 doubles in an inning tied a record, and we also tied our own record for extra base hits in the game. Was really sweet to watch, but was also bittersweet considering the way the rest of the season has gone. :( Arod’s HR in the second really did NOT look like a home run off the bat, looked like a pop out to right, but ended up going out of the deepest part of the park (right center). Nice to see. I really REALLY hope we don’t have a strike, because I want to see Arod play this out and get a full season – I would love to see him make a run at the MVP award. What can you say about a season high 17 runs and 21 hits other than you’re glad it was against the Yankees. We were on national TV on Monday night, I wish THIS was on national TV.
Gabe the babe is gone, with his trade to Colorado. I’ll miss him, I liked him as a player and a person (from what I could gauge), but he never put it together here, and perhaps it was time for a change. Too bad, he was a great guy to have on a team.
Additional game commentary is available here.