G73: Rangers sweep Pirates by score of 10-4

I’m fairly sure this is only the second time this year I’ve been able to use this graphic to the left. Still, it’s nice to be able to use it.
The Rangers picked on my wife’s hometown team today with a 10-4 win, which actually wasn’t even that close. We were winning 10-2 until the bottom of the ninth when the Pirates’ Rob Machowiak dumped a home run over the right field bleachers, and bounced it into the Allegheny river, the first Pirate to actually do that in a year and a half. Still, was a nice easy win. Arod finally got out of his extra base drought with a no doubt home run to left center (which is REALLY deep here, and on three balls I thought were home runs off the bat earlier in the series were caught for easy outs). The Mench Man (my wife’s new favorite player) also hit a home run, and is making a real case to stick around when some of our “regulars” come off the DL. Speaking of that, can we PLEASE let Carl Everett go? I really want to see Ludwick, Romano, & Mench stick around, and I can’t see that happening when Mr Slow ass comes off the DL. :(
Chan Ho Park looked pretty decent (especially compared to the rest of this season), but was pulled after six innings. He had given up only two hits and two runs during his time on the hill today. Technically a quality start, and I suppose he was pulled due to having pitched 98 pitches, but I would have liked to have seen him stick around for seven.
A nice sweep in Pittsburgh. Let’s see if we can carry the momentum of the five game winning streak into the series against Anaheim, starting with a DH on Monday that I’ll be at.