G72: Rangers beat Pirates again, 3-2

DARRYL KILE 1968-2002

There was a good Rangers game today, but I’d wager most people were busy thinking about Darryl Kile. If you’re reading this, then it can not be news to you that Darryl Kile, 33 year old pitcher for the St. Louis Cardinals died today – appearing to be in his sleep (which is the way to go). What more can be said about this? Lots of folks have expressed sorrow in a far more eloquent way than I could. Click on the picture to your right for some coverage from the Cardinals site. Sad day. The Cardinals/Cubs game was cancelled by Bud Selig.

Pudge won this game again with a game winning RBI double in the seventh. Rob Bell pitched well, although I admit in the first inning I thought he was going to tank, as I’m sure a lot of people did. Our pen worked well, too. Telford, Rocker, & Irabu followed up Bell to preserve the win for a streak now of four in a row.
Again, it’s hard to write about this game at my computer staring at the picture of Darryl Kile over on the right. :(