G71: Rangers beat Buccos in Pittsburgh, 2-0

Well, the day started interestingly enough. Oscar Acosta was fired. I always felt that something was odd with the Acosta/Narron combination from the start when they were fighting in spring training. I can’t say this move surprises me at all. Jamie Quirk is the pitching coach for now. I doubt that will last long, though. Frontrunners are Orel Hershiser and Lee Tunnell. Gut says it’s Orel.
About this game, there’s really only two stories here. The pitching and Pudge. In fact, both runs were driven in by Pudge. One on a home run to right center, and the other on a double driving in Mike Young. That’s about all there was to this game. Was a very well pitched game on both sides, including another save by Francisco Cordero, who seems to have finally gotten it together. Nice start to the Pittsburgh series, and we’re three in a row now. Look out, we’re makin’ a move! :)