G69: Rangers beat Cubs, 7-4

Wrigley looked great again, and unfortunately, Dave Burba pitched good. Quite honestly, I never wanted him here, and when I read that he had two starts before he’s gone (which may yet happen), I thought good. Let him pitch crappy in those games, so he can go. Of course, he pitches decent (if not spectacular). Sigh.
As for the game in hand, we went extra innings again, which so far to this point has meant loss. However, we scored 3 (our call up kids doing the work) in the top of hte 10th for a win. Francisco Cordero got a save, and looked good getting it.
Don’t have time to sit and think and write about this one a lot today, but it was nice to see Raffy get a home run two games in a row. Hope that continues!