G68: Rangers lose in Wrigley Field, 4-3

Wrigley looked gorgeous, and before this game I was saying this was probably our best chance to win a game in Chicago as Bere was pitching. He had the worst record of the three pitchers pitching against us. I should stop doing that, because whenever I saw we’re up against a bad pitcher, he does great, and boy was tonight a night for Bere. With the exception of a Rafael Palmeiro home run in the second (which didn’t look fair to me), Bere was pitching a perfect game into the 8th. Fred McGriff bobbled a popup and then we scored some runs to tie the game. Things were looking good, especially when Rocker was called in and threw three strikes, absolute bullets over the plate, freezing Todd Hundley who never swung his bat. Rocker was EXTREMELY impressive there.
But that’s where it ended. Gonzalez grounded out into a double play, which killed our base runner in the ninth, and then Rocker gave up a home run ball in the bottom of the ninth to lose it. I knew when we tied but didn’t go ahead, we’d lose in the bottom of the ninth. I just knew it.
2.5 seasons of this last place crap is really starting to get annoying. But Wrigley looked nice, so that was something, eh?