G67: Rangers lose to Houston, 7-6

Well, I have to admit, that when the game got to 6-4 in the bottom of the 6th, I had gotten disgusted. It’s not that a two run lead was insurmountable, but I didn’t feel like watching anymore. I went off to do some work on the Internet on non baseball things. I kept my eye on the game though with the live “Game day” pitch by pitch count on MLB.com. When I saw us climbing back, I decided to go watch the 9th on TV. I should have known better. :(
We clawed back and tied the game in the 9th against Billy Wagner which was enough of a feat. But when Pudge was thrown out in the top of the 9th trying to take the lead (at the plate), I knew we’d lose. This team just doesn’t seem (to me as a fan, anyway) to have the heart to come back against stuff like that. It’s kind of like when I was growing up watching Pete Rose play. You knew if Rose was anywhere near coming up, you had a chance to win. This team doesn’t seem to have that feel to it. That’s unfortunate, because I like most everyone on the team, but it doesn’t seem to “have it”, which is why I think this season (and most likely next, too) is lost, and we should dump big name players (Uh, Everett) and just go with kids. I think we’ll do better in the long haul – look at what has happened with the Twins the last year or two. They went through some hell, but did it with a bunch of kids, and now they’re winning.
Oh yeah, for the first time as a Ranger, Arod did not start the game at shortstop. Mike Young did. Arod did come in and pinch hit late, but he didn’t start, which was a surprise.
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