G63: Rangers lose to Reds, 8-5

Should have known better than to expect to win two in a row from a first place team. :) I felt good starting the game. I had just grilled up a steak on the BBQ, was sitting down to eat dinner in front of the Ranger game, and then the Reds’ 22 year old players Dunn & Kearns decided it was time to open up a can of whoop ass on us. Unfortunately, that whoop ass can has been opened on us too many times – I’m getting tired of seeing it.
Their kids did look good – I can see why the Reds are excited about them, they look like great young kids to have. Radio guys made a point that one is making the major league minimum, and one just barely over it. Also, their entire starting rotation is making about two million combined! Yeesh! Park’s getting $400,000 per game to start for us. I’d rather have the Reds guys about now. I have to admit, after we went down 6-0, I pretty much tuned out, and started doing some other things around the house. I did tune in again in the bottom of the ninth, and saw an attempt at coming back, but all it really did was make the score look closer than it should have been.
Jay Powell finally pitched for us, and looked good. Hope that holds up. Also, Ryan Ludwick is making a case to stick around when Carl (I’m now in the way of some really good kids) Everett comes back. Makes me wish we’d eat Everett’s contract and release him. Can’t trade him, unfortunately – he’s untradable given the way he’s played.