G62: Rangers beat the Cincinnati Reds, 8-2

Well, this game went right for us in just about every way. We scored runs – got great pitching from Ismael Valdes (who I really hope is still here next year – he’s been awesome), and we didn’t screw up late, even after having brought in John Rocker (whose sprint in from the dugout got him to the pitching mound before Valdes was in the dugout, I’ve never seen that happen before). We had home runs from Mike Young, Herbert Perry, & Kevin Mench (just called up again). Cincinatti had some problems with pitching. Their first guy was normally a reliever, and had to come out after just .2 of the first inning with what turned out to be a broken finger. They ended up going through five pitchers (they were on Pitcher #3 in the third inning already!). Hopefully it strains their pen for the rest of the series.
There were some great comical moments, too. Mike Young’s HR that he didn’t know was a home run and slid into third base, then heard the Natural music was one. Arod’s trip and tumble to score in the first inning was great (provided he doesn’t get hurt from it), and the third was Johnny Bench on the TV coverage asking a cameraman for an autograph. That was totally awesome. Was kind of hoping we’d get Griffey & Arod, but Griffey’s hurt again. Also, the stat about 33 gold gloves (all from catchers) being in the house last night was great too. Bench with 10, Pudge with 10, Jim Sundberg with 7, and Bob Boone with 6. Was nice to see my old friend Bob Boone (who won a series ring with the Phillies in 1980 – my home town team