G57: Rangers lose annoying one, 7-5 to Angels

Holy crap what an annoying game. Ismael Valdes finally gets some runs where he can win, and he doesn’t win. Arod and Mike Young barely miss hitting home runs that die right at the base of the wall. We take the lead into the bottom of the ninth, and then Irabu melts down and lets the game get tied with more home runs. We take the lead again in the 10th, and then Irabu blows it again. Needless to say he got dumped on the 3 or 4 fantasy teams I have that he was on. :) Can’t catch a frickin’ break. Well, at least there’s interleague play coming up – sigh.
About the only really positive thing of this game is that Juan Gonzalez finally got his 400th career home run. He’s also not getting very many RBI opportunities batting behind Raffy & Arod – I think he needs to go back to 4th. Oh yeah, and Ryan Ludwick made his major league debut – I always like seeing kids get their debuts.
I’m almost to the point where I’m ready to write off the season. I know it’s still June 6th, but we show no signs of turning it around steadily. Thought we had it figured out a few weeks ago, but then we slid, and haven’t gotten back up since. Unless we turn it around for something like 2 or 3 weeks solid, I think we’re close to being done again before the All-Star Break.