G51: Rangers win 9-8, but didn’t deserve it.

We won a game we certainly had no business winning. Rob Bell was very mediocre – I found myself yelling out “Doug Davis wasn’t any worse than this, and he got sent down for it”. We took the lead, gave it up, took it back, let it go again, etc – you know the drill. We did manage to pull the game out in the bottom of the ninth against a pitcher I didn’t think we would score anything off of – J.C. Romero. Was nice to get a win. A really odd feeling – it’s starting to feel like we’re supposed to lose, and that’s a bad feeling as a fan – I know it well growing up in Philadelphia.
However, I wanted to write a bit about the in stadium “entertainment” a bit.. After going to games two nights in a row, I find I really really REALLY miss Chuck Morgan. The new guy is still botching many player names, has called the player at bat out of order on several occasions, and the new music selections really SUCK! Most of the music played is bad cover songs of songs that I’d wager most no one wants to hear. It made it worse hearing all the “stuff” Chuck Morgan used to do in Kansas City. Not to mention the fact that the few times the ballpark entertainment staff tries to get the crowd into a game they either come in too late, or don’t even bother – like last night starting the bottom of the ninth. Nothing. Also, as another side note – the sound is really BAD anymore in the ballpark. Used to be loud and clear, but video effects either have no sound at all, or if they do have sound, it sounds like you’re hearing it as you would standing outside the ballpark. Or worse, it sometimes changes volume in the middle of the sound effect. The ballpark entertainment crew of three that replaced Chuck Morgan definitely gets a D-.