G49: Rangers lose again, this time at home to Twins 5-2

Home doesn’t offer any consolation, as we lose to the Twins 5-2. I’m more annoyed at this game, because I had tickets, and could have gone, but decided to stay home because of the rain and missed the fireworks show. :( Raffy also missed a three run HR which would have radically changed the complexion of this game when he hit one right to the base of the triangle in right field – the Twins’ right fielder was flush against the wall. DAMN! He did get one earlier in the game for his 1500th career RBI, which was nice to see.
Some shakeups before the game, big roster movements. Doug Davis was sent to AAA, which wasn’t a big surprise. Steve Woodard was also designated for assignment which wasn’t a big surprise either. Chris Michalak was designated too, which was a bit of a surprise (at least to me) – I didn’t think he was doing that awful. Rob Bell was recalled, which was good, and I have to say I don’t know much about the replacements – Anthony Telford & Juan Alvarez. Alvarez is probably only here until Jay Powell is ready to come off the DL at the end of the week.
There’s probably a lot more changes to come, especially if we continue to lose..