G36: Rangers beat Tigers again, 10-6

A big 7 run inning fueled this one. I was scared starting the game off because I hate playing against knuckleball pitchers. They either eat you up, or you score a ton against them – which is what happened this night. Steve Sparks didn’t have anything in the second inning, and we had something like five consecutive hits against him, scoring a total of 7 that inning. Arod had two home runs this night – which is always good. :)
Dave Burba was his usual give up runs in the first inning pitcher – I really wish he could start in the second inning. ;) John Rocker gave up a two run home run, but other than that pitch, our relief pitching was good, earning Irabu another save. I don’t like to give up six runs, but when you get 10, I’ll take the win.