G5: Rangers lose home opener to Halos, 3-1

Opening day! Headed out to the Ballpark I noticed cops on every overpass on Rt. 30. I was walking around the ballpark – there were lines out the door down the street. I saw about 20 different motorcycle cops & a helicopter around. Then I remembered – the Vice President was here today. They even had metal detectors in the lower sections!
Anyway, the opening day ceremonies were cool. I normally do NOT like marching band stuff, but I got into the UT band – especially when they played Yellow Rose of Texas, with a group of helum filled yellow balloons being released at the same time. Also, after the Player intros, Raffy ran over to the band and stood in front of them moving his arms like a conductor – it was funny. :)
Anyway, the game itself took less time to play (2:17) than it took me to get HOME! Game was over around 4:20ish, and I didn’t get home until about 6:50PM, and I live in Garland. That was nuts.
Great game – even though we lost. A rare pitcher’s duel, with a total of 11 hits for both teams. Ismael Valdes was everything we wanted in a pitcher – unfortunately, Scott Schoenweis was a bit better. Valdes made one mistake to Troy Glaus, a two run HR shot in the 7th that lost the game for us. Yeah, I know we’re 1-4, and it doesn’t look good starting, but I still have a good feeling about this season, even if I can’t back it up with any facts. :)