G2: Rangers lose again to A’s, 3-2

Stayed up late watching this game, as I was watching the Expos / Marlins game on MLBEI. Both games had rousing wins in the bottom of the 9th. The Expos one made me feel good (nice to see Galarraga up there). The Rangers one did not.
Pitching was the order of this game. Kenny Rogers went 5, giving up only two runs. Probably could have gone more, but threw too many pitches in the first, going out of the game with about 100 pitches. Hideki Irabu & Rich Rodriguez looked good, both giving up nothing. Dan Miceli looked good, just not in the 9th. :)
On the other side, we did jack against Tim Hudson, and we got to Billy “Stupidest Beard in the universe” Koch. We always seem to get to him. Anyway, not a lot of offense, only 11 hits between both the teams, and it had a great finish. Not a great game for Ranger fans, but it was a great game.