G25: Rangers win big against Toronto, 10-2

A great way to start off the road trip – a big 10-2 win in Toronto, although I thought it was Montreal for all the empty seats they showed on TV up there (granted the Maple Leafs were in a Game 7 situation, but still..)
It was a night of historic home runs for us. Well, all but Bill Hasleman’s. :) Arod finally hit his 250th, becoming the second youngest player in history to do that (about a week behind Jimmy Foxx). Raffy hit his 254th, I believe and is now in sole possession of 25th place all time. Also, Hank Blalock hit his first major league home run (after Arod made another one of his “predictions” that Blalock would bust out this series). Kenny Rogers looked superb again, and my least favorite remaining bullpen person Steve Woodard gave up a home run, but we limited Toronto to 3 runs on 5 hits.
The more I see him, the more I’m impressed with Calvin Murray – I suspect he’ll bump Everett from the regular lineup once Gonzalez comes back. Speaking of Everett, was nice to see a big smile on his face when he and Murray crashed into each other in the field.
Overall, a great game – the bobblehead approves!