G24: Rangers win well pitched game, 2-1

With this win, we have now won two series in a row, and are 4-2 over the last 6 games! Woo-hoo! :) Plus we’re going to end the month less than 10 games out, which isn’t great, but is still manageable – the season isn’t over quite yet.
What a pitching performance! Ismael Valdes still isn’t getting any run support – but this time it didn’t matter, he won. I have to say, Valdes has been the biggest surprise of the season so far for me. The more I see him, the more I like him, and hope he does well enough to stick around for more than just this year.
Offensively we got next to nothing, but that’s not a surprise given it’s Bartolo Colon pitching against us. We got only two runs, but it was enough. Valdes combined with three other pitchers (Rocker, Seanez, & Irabu) to keep the Indians to a lone run with 7 scattered hits. A sweet sweet pitching performance, and if our offense ever comes around for real, we shouldn’t have any trouble winning games with pitching like this! Plus it was nice to see this performance on national TV (ESPN covered this game).
As I write this on Monday’s off day, Dan Miceli was designated for assignment. Good – I never wanted him here in the first place as a pitcher. He was ineffective, and I think the pen is better for his not being here at all.